Bobby McElver is a Brooklyn-based sound designer, composer and musician working with theater, dance, film and media. He is a company member of The Wooster Group since 2011 and tours with them internationally, building new shows and remounting old ones. For The Wooster Group he has worked on TROILUS & CRESSIDA (Sound and performer, in collaboration with The Royal Shakespeare Company), Early Plays (Sound and performer, directed by Richard Maxwell/NYC Players), Vieux Carre (Sound and performer), and Hamlet (Sound). He has also worked with Tina Satter (Half Straddle), Julia Jarcho, Young Jean Lee, Erin Markey, and Michou Szabo. In addition to design, he writes and performs original music in the band Gray Lights. He recently contributed sound design to the film Every Secret Thing, produced by Frances McDormand which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival