I am part of an experimental film project called Acting Stranger. My collaborator, Andrew Schneider, writes very short scenes. Andrew and a stranger (who signs up online) act them out together having never rehearsed, discussed, or met. No second takes. No booms. Just hidden lav mics, quick thinking, and excellent post production audio skills. Usually there's about 10 minutes to set up, check levels, shoot, and move on to the next location. 

Most recently we made 32 short films in 3 days. Followed by a premiere in a large cinema for the Melbourne Festival. Here's a few of them.

(for Every Secret Thing, click here)

I contributed original sound design to the film Every Secret Thing, starring Diane LaneElizabeth BanksDakota Fanning and produced by Frances McDormand. They needed a specialist to create a disturbing sound environment that wasn't possible to source from a sound effects library. You can hear some of it in the trailer below.